Breathing Easy with the HealthyAir eHEPA System

Air Quality in Dental OfficesBristol Park Dental -

Many patients might not realize that maintaining good air quality in a dental office takes a lot of work. All kinds of unhealthy particles can accumulate in the air, including germs, oral aerosols, ultra-fine particles, volatile organic compounds, disinfectant odors, mercury vapor, drill aerosols, and abrasion powder. That’s why Bristol Park uses the HealthyAir eHEPA Sytem to keep the air clean for our team members and patients alike.

How does the HealthyAir eHEPA Source Capture System Work?

This system extracts these airborne contaminants from the breathing zone using Healthy Air® technology, which provides an added layer of safety by improving air quality in the immediate vicinity of interaction between individuals. The innovative 3-stage process filters contaminated air with five different filtration methods. 

Enjoy the Clean Air at Bristol Park Dental!

As dental professionals, we are required to use universal precaution protocols, sterilize our instruments, and disinfect surface contaminants, and we take the air quality of our practice just as seriously. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how we make our practice safe for you, just call us at (802) 453-7700 or send us an email.