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Primeprint is a highly automated, end-to-end, medical-grade 3D printing system for dentists and dental technicians who want to expand the treatments or services offered. This smart hardware and software solution is completely optimized for dental applications. It can run the entire printing process, including post-processing. 

The high level of automation reduces handling times and maximizes productivity. Primeprint enables dentists to print biocompatible applications with reproducible and perfectly accurate results. 

Primeprint is one of the first devices built to integrate digitally into the DS Core platform. DS Core combines products, services, and technology for dental practices. It connects practices and labs across various procedures supported by an integrated cloud solution.

What Are Primeprint Components?

Primeprint medical-grade 3D printing solution comes with two very modern separate units:

  • 3D Printer 
  • Primeprint PPU (post-processing unit)
  • inLab CAM Software

3D printing is nothing new to dentistry. But until now, the whole business has been slow and time-consuming. Primeprint has revolutionized the entire process by developing a new 3d printing process. It combines printing technology with intuitive software and a broad range of materials. Not only that, but it has fully automated post-processing.

How Does Primeprint Work?

Step 1 – Dental Team Prepares the File

Your dentist in Bristol and the friendly dental team accurately prepare a print file before sending it to the Printer with just a click of a button.

Step 2 – Prepare the 3D Printer

The dental team inserts the material cartridge and Primeprint Box into the first unit before starting the 3D printing process.

The creation of the actual physical application is done with a very reactive liquid resin. It is so reactive that it converts layer by layer into a hot material just by shining a light onto it from below.

Step 3 – Move the Primeprint Box

Automated post-processing starts as soon as the Primeprint Box has moved from the Printer to the Post-Processing Unit.

Post-processing is just as significant as printing because the printed object is designed for clinical application. Therefore, it’s essential to eliminate all traces of the reactive resin. The object must be washed twice with a highly concentrated isopropyl solution.

The following automated step is air drying the object. It is then moved into the curing station. The curing lights make sure any last monomers of resin are converted into polymers.

Step 4 – Finalisation

After automated and manual post-processing, you have a medically safe product ready for the patient. Everything fits into the two devices, along with innovative software.

What Does Primeprint Mean For Dental Professionals?

The answer for most dentists is workflow. Choosing a design from the Primescan and sending it directly to print means that dentists can delegate all of these procedures. It also enables dentists to expand their treatment and service offerings. It helps reduce handling times and manual work, allowing dentists maximum productivity.

In addition, Primeprint is super clean. No more worries about team members getting messy resin all over the dental practice. But the number one reason would be safety—the ability to deliver a medical-grade, safe product to the patients in a fraction of the time.

Currently offering ten different digital workflows, all built around dentistry needs, Primeprint has the digital manufacturing options to meet patient demand. These workflows put the control into the hands of dental practices, allowing for an expansion of treatment offerings.

Experience Primeprint at Associates in Comprehensive Dental Care

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