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What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are typically made of titanium and are similar in shape and size to a natural tooth root. Titanium is the material of choice for dental implants due to its strength, durability and its ability to fuse to bone over time. The process of the bone fusing to the implant’s surface is called osseointegration. The bone cells attach themselves to the implant during this period of healing.

A dental implant, also called an endosseous root-form implant, is a man made replacement for a tooth root. Dental implants are ideal for patients who have missing or compromised teeth due to periodontal disease, decay, injury or for those who have congenitally missing teeth. They can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or an entire upper and/or lower jaw of teeth.

Dental Implants and Bone Grafting

Because implants are placed in the upper or lower jaw, it’s important to determine the exact dimensions of a patient’s existing bone, and identify important anatomic landmarks such as nerves and sinuses before placing the dental implants. Your Hybridge provider will take a CT scan, which is a 3-D image of the teeth and jaw, and will assess both the width and depth of existing bone.

If there is not enough bone available, it may be necessary to add bone grafting material, which typically consists of “mineralized, freeze dried bone” that will heal and transform into newly grown bone. This is sometimes necessary in the area of the sinuses and involves adding bone below the sinus, creating enough bone for the implant to be placed. This process is called a sinus augmentation.


Don’t take our word for it. See what real patients have to say about their Hybridge Dental Implant experience.


After dealing with increased dental problems for nearly a year, Jim decided he needed a long-term dental solution.

Jim was resolved to find a denture alternative that would help him to enjoy his quality of life in the long run. He researched the latest in dental implant options available today, and found Hybridge dental implants. As a sports announcer, Jim knew that he needed teeth that would allow him to maintain his natural sounding speech. Due to the nature of his work, a timely treatment process was important to him. The Hybridge team provided Jim with a convenient full mouth treatment process, with the comfortable assurance of what he would go through within the process, and how natural he would sound with his new smile. Within a week, Jim was back in the sports booth, speaking with confidence through each play. Jim now enjoys eating the foods he loves, and quality of life without dental problems.


When Sjogren’s syndrome caused tooth decay and bone loss, Barbara became very self-conscious about her smile.

She thought she would have to live with these limitations until she looked online and found Hybridge and how it could really change her life. Barbara went to a free Hybridge seminar and was excited to start treatment right away. Post-treatment, Barbara shares that Hybridge is one of the best investments that a person can make. She reports “It’s amazing not to have to take your teeth out. This feels like me, this feels real…it’s life changing, you’re going to love it. I couldn’t be happier.”

After several decades of attempting to improve his smile, Mike’s situation escalated in his 40s when his teeth weakened and eventually loosened..

His quality of life was impacted, limiting the foods he was able to enjoy and his ability to smile without feeling self-conscious around others. The motivation to find a final path to address all these issues led Mike to the Hybridge solution. Today, Mike loves his Hybridge smile and he can finally enjoy a crisp apple and corn on the cob again. He recommends Hybridge to his friends, and he and his wife are certain that the investment in his health and his happiness for the long-term was well worth it.

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