Urgent Dental Care at Bristol Park Dental


A Dental Emergency Can Happen to Anyone

Sometimes, dental problems come in the form of cavities that develop over time, but sometimes they come on more suddenly and need to be dealt with quickly. Three urgent dental health situations we recommend you come see us about are pain when chewing, swollen jaw or mouth, or a chipped or broken tooth. We also recommend you contact us for any type of significant tooth pain.

Timely Treatment Can Save a Tooth

Dr. Hamidzadeh and Church will assess an urgent dental problem to discover what’s wrong and recommend the next steps to take, whether that means extraction, incision and drainage, or pulpectomy, to name a few. The faster you come in for treatment, the sooner your symptoms can be addressed and you can find relief, allowing you to get back to your normal routine.

Rely on Bristol Park Dental for Your Urgent Dental Needs

Don’t delay treatment when you know something is wrong. Pain is the body’s alarm system that there’s a problem, and we should never ignore it if we don’t know the cause. This is why, at Bristol Park Dental, we don’t turn patients away when they come in for urgent dental care. If you are in pain, call us at (802) 453-7700 and we will get you in the same day.